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The Cinnamon Bear Brigade


"Bear Facts" Newsletters





The first issue of "Bear Facts" celebrated the Cinnamon Bear's 50th birthday in 1987.

THE BEAR BRIGADE is, simply, an unassuming fan club for the hero of the 26-part Christmas radio series, THE CINNAMON BEAR, created in 1937 by the late Glanville T. (Glan) Heisch. The series is so popular that I believe it has played somewhere in USA every Christmas holiday season since then.


For newcomers to the show. Just how THE CINNAMON BEAR story unfolds in the 26 episodes of this 63 year old children's radio drama. Please read the synopsis which you will find so fascinating that you will want to download the complete series immediately!!




Download the

Cinnamon Bear Brigade

"Bear Facts" Newsletters 1987 - 1991


UK format A4

USA format 8.5x11

UK1 1987          UK2 1988

USA1 1987          USA2 1988

UK3 1989     UK4 1990     UK5 1991

USA3 1989     USA4 1990     USA5 1991





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Dedicated to "The Cinnamon Bear" Old Time Radio series of 1938




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