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Jonathan Thomas Christmas On The Moon





Frequently Asked Questions

    Please Note:
As far as we are aware, the clipart images and OTR mp3's on this site are all in the public domain.
If we are mistaken, please advise us and the item/s concerned will be removed immediately. Many thanks for your help and co-operation.




Q. How do I download an MP3 or picture?

A.   Right click on the picture or name
Click on "Save Target As..."
or "Save Picture As..."
Click on "Save"


Q.   If I have a suggestion can I contact you?
A.   Yes please, we welcome any ideas you have to improve "Christmas on the Moon" section. Just click on the contact button at the top of any page for our email address


Q.   Does it cost anything to download from the site?
A.   No, for personal use, everything is completely free for you to enjoy

However to be fair to everyone, please do not use a "Download Manager"


Q.   What is the quality of the MP3 files like?
A.   Considering their age [over 70 years old] Excellent

Note: They have not been doctored or enhanced in any way

Q.   This space is for your question












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