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This is the full list of MP3 files available for download and is the complete series of the Old Time Radio children's adventure "The Cinnamon Bear".

Promotion:  The promotion recording, a preview of the series is extremely rare and difficult to find. I suggest you listen to this first.

Chapter 1: Jimmy and Judy write letters to Santa. The Silver Star is missing and the children go up to the attic to find it. They meet Paddy O’ Cinnamon who tells them the Crazy Quilt Dragon took the Star to Maybeland.

Chapter 2: Paddy shows the kids how to de-grow so they can follow the Crazy Quilt Dragon to the Lollipop Mountains. They climb into Paddy’s Soda Pop Airplane and fly through the tunnel.

Chapter 3: Feeling remorseful for drinking their soda pop and stranding them in Looking Glass valley without fuel, Weary Willie the Stork, fly’s them out on his back. They catch Crazy Quilt but he drops the Silver Star in Root Beer Ocean.

Chapter 4:  Captured by the Inkaboos; King Blotto is insulted and sentences them to die in the Immense Inkwell.

Chapter 5: Crazy Quilt comes to the rescue. They escape to Root Beer Ocean and see the Silver Star floating in Root Beer Ocean.

Chapter 6: Wesley the Whale swallows the Silver Star. Samuel Seal recovers the Star from Wesley the Wailing Whale only to have Penelope the Pelican carry it off.

Chapter 7: Presto the Magician pulls Penelope the Pelican from his hat. The children learn that she dropped the Silver Star on the Island of Obie.

Chapter 8: The Candy Pirates, Captain Taffy and his men capture the kids.

Chapter 9: The children meet the Roly Poly Policeman. Crazy Quilt runs off with the star.

Chapter 10: The Cinnamon Bear disappears! Professor Whiz tells them about the Wintergreen Witch. The kids follow Crazy Quilt into the Picture Forest where they meet Fraidy Cat.

Chapter 11: Fee Foe, the gentle giant invites the children to lunch.

Chapter 12: Jimmy & Judy encounter the Rhyming Rabbit on their way back to the Wintergreen Witch’s house.

Chapter 13: The Wintergreen Witch tries to steal the star and change the kids into mice. They get away. Crazy Quilt sits on the Silver Star and breaks it.

Chapter 14: They visit Queen Melissa of Maybeland to repair the Silver Star

Chapter 15: The kids learn that they can only read Melissa’s magic instructions in total darkness which only occurs in the Wishing Woods. On the way they meet Snappersnick, the Crooning Crocodile, who swallows the instructions.

Chapter 16: Snappersnick explains that he reads by eating and that’s how he is able to read in the dark. The instructions send them to the Wishing Well. On the way they meet Oliver Ostrich who eats alarm clocks. Oliver directs them to the Wishing Well where Paddy falls in.

Chapter 17: They use their one wish to get Paddy out of the well. The star is still broken and they encounter the Muddlers and the River of mud.

Chapter 18: Slim Pickens and Cocklerburr Cowboys of the Purple Plain come to the rescue.

Chapter 19: The Kids are being chased by Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, a wooden Indian who wants Crazy Quilt’s pelt for his girlfriend, Manny Happy Returns. Judy trades her looking glass to him instead. After he leaves, they encounter the Wintergreen Witch again in the Golden Grove.

Chapter 20: The Grand Wonky arrives in the nick of time to banish the Wintergreen Witch to Looking Glass Valley. The children find the Flying Hat with a mysterious note attached to it, while searching for the Singing Trees.

Chapter 21: The Flying Hat carries the gang to the Land of Ice and Snow to get the star fixed. They meet Nicki Froodle, an elf who takes them to Santa.

Chapter 22: Santa welcomes the kids and introduces them to Jack Frost who repairs the Silver Star only to have it vanish again.

Chapter 23: Santa orders the Tin Soldiers after the Bad Dolls, who stole the Silver Star, to see that it is returned.

Chapter 24: The Wintergreen Witch aids the Bad Dolls and defeat the Tin Soldiers. Santa orders out reinforcements.

Chapter 25: Captain Tintop tells how they defeated the Wintergreen Witch. The group goes to a grand banquet hosted by Santa. Crazy Quilt once again runs off with the Silver Star.

Chapter 26: Crazy Quilt heads for the North Pole. Santa, Jimmy, Judy and Nicki Froodle give chase. They catch Crazy Quilt and tickle him to give up the Silver Star. They wake up in the attic in time to decorate the Christmas Tree.






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