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Paddy O'Cinnamon


The Cinnamon Bear 1937 - Still going strong




The CINNAMON BEAR is the classic story of Judy and Jimmy Barton who search for the family's Silver Star which goes on top of their Christmas tree.


When they discover the star has disappeared from the attic. They meet The Cinnamon Bear, and fly off to Maybeland in his Soda Pop Airplane in pursuit of the Crazy Quilt Dragon, whom they believe took the ornament.


There they meet a multitude of unusual characters, including Crazy Quilt Dragon, the Wintergreen Witch, Fe Fo the Giant, and even Santa Claus.

Each amazing adventure is a cliff hanger. Several times they recover the star, only to lose it again. Eventually the star is found for good and they return home just in time for Christmas.

This delightfully exciting children's classic Christmas adventure story was written by Glan Heisch, I believe inspired by the stuffed bear of his boyhood, for his daughter, Catherine.


Radio historians differ on the year of the first broadcast. Some say 1937, others say 1943.  Airplay would start just after Thanksgiving and run until Christmas Eve.



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Dedicated to "The Cinnamon Bear" Old Time Radio series of 1938




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